Data Analytics

Data Analytics

Big data is growing exponentially in today’s business world, and Penn State Great Valley brings the study of its systems to the tech-savvy greater Philadelphia region. We offer two graduate programs that cultivate the skills to collect, classify, analyze, and model data: the Master of Professional Studies in Data Analytics (MPS-DAAN) and the Master of Science in Data Analytics (MS-DAAN).

Both programs aim to:

  • Develop an understanding of technologies used to develop, optimize, and deploy data analytics systems
  • Demonstrate fundamental understanding of data mining principles
  • Demonstrate fundamental understanding of statistical techniques including hypothesis testing, estimation, confidence intervals, and regression
  • Discriminate between descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive analytics and the techniques used in each

Each 30-credit program draws on statistics, computer science, machine learning, and software engineering. But depending on students’ career or professional goals, they may choose to focus on practical application (MPS-DAAN) or research (MS-DAAN).

Master of Professional Studies in Data Analytics

Intended for professionals looking to acquire analytical skills relevant to the workplace, MPS-DAAN consists of six required courses and three electives. The program culminates in a capstone course that builds upon the theories, technology, and skills learned in previous coursework. Students will be involved in or looking to explore careers as data scientists, modelers, analysts, or architects.

Master of Science in Data Analytics

Through its emphasis on research, this program is designed to prepare students for entry into doctoral programs in data analytics. MS-DAAN has five required courses and three electives. Rather than a capstone course, the program requires 6 credits of supervised research, resulting in a thesis paper. Students must pass a thesis defense, and the paper must be accepted by the advisers and/or committee members, the head of the graduate program, and the Graduate School.