Concurrent Degree Program

Why earn concurrent degrees?

  • You’ll save time and money by completing two master’s degree with a significant savings in course load and tuition.
  • Each program may accept up to 20% of its total required credits for the degree from the other degree program.
  • It’s typically faster to pursue two degrees at the same time rather than separately.
  • You’ll use knowledge from both paths of studies to gain a deeper, collaborative understanding of different topics.

Requirements for the concurrent degree program include:

  • The second degree must be a part of a well-balanced, unified, and complete program of study related to the student’s initial degree and/or support related career goals.
  • At least 12 credits must be taken in the initial master’s degree program prior to applying for admission.
  • The student must be admitted to the concurrent degree program prior to completing 80% of credits and prior to the final semester in the initial degree.
  • The Graduate School requires a minimum GPA of 3.2 in courses taken as a graduate student at Penn State for admission to a concurrent program.

International Students

  • International students who pursue a concurrent degree will require an updated I-20 and a second major added to their document and appropriate CIP code. If graduation dates change, then the Office of International Student and Scholar Advising may require an updated bank statement providing proof of funds for an extended time (to complete second degree).
  • For international students interested in OPT, employment must be tied to the most recent degree earned and conferred. International students who are currently enrolled in a non-STEM eligible program may wish to pursue a STEM-eligible degree on a concurrent basis. If the second degree earned is STEM-eligible, students can apply for a 24-month extension for OPT.

If you are interested in a concurrent degree, contact the admissions office at 610-648-3242 or [email protected]. Find the Penn State Graduate School concurrent degree policy and student eligibility standards here.