The Value of a Penn State Degree

The Value of a Penn State Degree

Think of the opportunities you will have with a degree from one of the largest and most prestigious universities in the world.

Every student who successfully finishes a degree program at one of Penn State's 24 campuses will receive a diploma from "The Pennsylvania State University." The Penn State diploma is the same, regardless of where you complete your studies. That's because we are one university.

Sample of Dipolma

Sample of diploma

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When you complete a master's degree through Penn State's School of Graduate Professional Studies, your degree will have the same look and wording as the degrees that students enrolled in other Penn State academic units receive.

Penn State's School of Graduate Professional Studies at Great Valley welcomes the richness international students bring to its University.

We are located in the Great Valley Corporate Center in a suburb of the great city of Philadelphia with easy access to numerous financial, health care, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, and R&D enterprises and facilities, as well as various historical sites and tourist and scenic attractions.

At Penn State's School of Graduate Professional Studies, you will study in the same classroom with engineers from Lockheed Martin and Boeing, information specialists from Siemens, financial analysts and mutual fund managers from Vanguard, sales and marketing executives and merchandisers from QVC; chemists and research scientists from Merck and Pfizer, executives from government and public sector organizations, and many other professionals who bring a wealth of experience to the classroom that you can rarely find in other graduate programs.

Your professors conduct high-quality research, are well-known and regarded in their fields, and have substantial practical experience in various industries. Our staff is the most helpful and friendly you can find at any university.

We welcome international students and value the diversity and cultures you bring to Penn State. We understand what it takes to adjust to a new cultural environment as you come to the United States and our campus to pursue your graduate study, and we are here to help. We will make sure you have pleasant transition to your new school and a most rewarding experience.