Manage Your Loan in LionPATH

Manage Your Loan in LionPATH

Allow 3–6 weeks to complete the federal loan process. More time may be needed for individual circumstances and for private loans. Finish all steps in the loan process by your semester bill due date in order to avoid a late fee.

Review the LionPATH Tutorials on Payment and Financial Aid for step-by-step instructions on how to accept/decline your loan and set the dollar amount you wish to borrow.

The loan amount you set for the academic year is divided evenly between the fall and spring semesters. We strongly encourage students to decrease their loan amount to no more than the amount needed to cover tuition, fees, books and supplies.

Student loans are offered on LionPATH when a student has submitted a FAFSA and is enrolled in at least one course. However, loans are only authorized and disbursed after a student meets all criteria (including half-time enrollment), has accepted the loan, and has completed the student To Do list.

Federal origination fees are removed from your loan before disbursement to your LionPATH account. Set your loan amount in the Accept process by adding the origination fee percentage to the amount you wish to receive. On LionPATH, the loan amount offered is the gross amount and the amount disbursed is the net amount after the origination fee is removed. 

If you need an adjustment to the loan amount you accept and set in LionPath, email Write “Loan Correction Request” in the subject line, and in the body of the message provide your name, your PSU 9-digit ID, the semester and year of the loan, your current loan amount and the new total loan amount you wish to receive for the fall and spring semesters combined.

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