Weather Policy

Weather Policy

Inclement Weather/Emergency Campus Closure Policy

In case of inclement weather or emergency conditions affecting the safety of employees and visitors arriving on campus, there may be imposed a delayed opening, early closing, or a campus closure. For up-to-date information about the facility's opening schedule in the event of inclement weather or an emergency, please check the homepage or call the campus' weather emergency hotline at 610-648-3399.

Conference Center clients should communicate with Conference Planning Services staff and should communicate any catering changes with their caterer regarding any schedule changes they may plan due to the emergency.

Should there be inclement weather or emergency conditions, Conference Center clients have the option to cancel or reschedule their event with no cancellation fees incurred, or decide to coordinate the start/end time of their event to coincide with any changed campus operating hours.

In anticipation of inclement weather conditions, Conference Center clients should contact the manager of conference planning services to discuss scheduling options. When the campus and/or Conference Center schedule changes, it is done with regard to the safety of everyone involved.