Non-Degree Enrollment

Non-Degree Enrollment

If you have not formally enrolled in a program, you may take a limited number of courses prior to formal acceptance into most degree programs. A non-degree student may:

  • plan to enter a degree program at a later date
  • plan to transfer credits to another institution upon completion of a course
  • pursue graduate courses for professional or personal development rather than as part of a program

Non-degree students must hold a baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited institution. 

If a non-degree student wishes to pursue a degree at a later date, he or she must formally apply for degree admission to the academic program and submit all required supporting credentials. There is no guarantee that non-degree students will be admitted as degree candidates.

Both degree and non-degree students must meet the Graduate School requirements and those of their chosen academic division. After admittance as a degree candidate, the division head will decide which credits earned as a non-degree student may be used to fulfill degree requirements. All credits must have been earned within 5 years preceding entry into the degree program.

The following programs may begin on a non-degree basis and have the credits applied to a degree program:

Graduate Certificates in Business are offered on a non-degree basis, though non-degree application is required. Students wishing to pursue the MBA at a later date may apply up to 15 credits from the certificate to the degree if accepted. Find out more information about Graduate Certificates in Business.