Test Drive

Not sure if you're ready for graduate classes? Join us on campus for the opportunity to "test drive" a class to get a feel for what our classes are like. Each in-person test drive session runs from 6:00 to 7:30 p.m.

It you have questions and would like to connect with a program representative before registering, email us at [email protected].

LEAD 501 - Leadership Across the Lifespan
Tuesday, September 13

(Instructor: TBD)

The course explores and analyzes the requirements for positive leadership of self and others, recognizing the way people change along the way from early adulthood to old age.


ENGMT 510 - Economics and Financial Studies for Engineers
Wednesday, September 14

(Instructor: Ashkan Negahban)

Economic feasibility of projects, systems and products. Project budgets, estimation, return on investment, supply and demand, and earned value management.


SWENG 586 - Requirements Engineering
Thursday, September 22

(Instructor: Mohamad Kassab)

This course is a thorough treatment of the theoretical and practical aspects of discovering, analyzing, modeling, validating, testing and writing requirements for systems of all kinds, with an intentional focus on software-intensive systems.


BUSAD 811 - New Ventures Ideation and Feasibility Analysis
Tuesday, October 18

(Instructor: Cynthia Walton-Bongers)

The course focuses on the ideation process and determining whether an idea has commercial potential in both an entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial setting. In order to see and evaluate opportunities, students learn about entrepreneur characteristics; develop skills such as marshaling resources (HR, legal, financial, operational, and technical) needed to introduce the product or service into the marketplace; and developing an entrepreneurial team.


DAAN 871 - Data Visualization
Tuesday, November 8

(Instructor: Raghu Sangwan)

The course provides a foundation in the principles, concepts, techniques, and tools for visualizing information in large complex data sets.


INSC 521 - Database Design Concepts
Monday November 14

Instructor: Adrian Barb)

The requirements capture, design, and development of relational database applications, analysis of business requirements, and development of appropriate database systems.


BA 810 - Supply Chain and Operations Management
Meeting time TBD

(Instructor: Qiang (Patrick) Qiang)

This course is designed to provide students with an overview of the role of operations in an organization, the kinds of decisions operations and supply chain managers make, and the impact of these decisions on the strategic and tactical position of the firm.