Test Drive

Considering a graduate program? Join us on campus for the opportunity to "test drive" a class to get a feel for what it's like to be a Penn State Great Valley student. Each in-person test drive session runs from 6:00 to 7:30 p.m. Please arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of the session to allow time to find the classroom and get situated. See directions to our campus here.

It you have questions and would like to connect with a program representative before registering, email us at [email protected].

ACCTG 873 - Advanced Topics in Financial Reporting
Tuesday, October 17 | Main Building, Room 204

(Instructor: Bo Ouyang)

Advanced Accounting examines several important accounting topics relating to mergers and acquisitions, and helps students become familiar with the financial procedures, information flows, and regulations accompanying mergers and acquisitions. Specifically, this course examines (1) the accounting for corporate investments in other corporations, (2) foreign currency transactions, and (3) partnership accounting.
(Part of Master of Professional Accounting curricula)


DAAN 871 - Data Visualization
Tuesday, October 17 | Room TBA

Instructor: Satish Srinivasan

The course provides a foundation in the principles, concepts, techniques and tools for visualizing information in large complex data sets. Unlike scientific visualization, which focuses on the presentation of data that has a spatial or physical correspondence, data visualization focuses on mapping complex, abstract information to a physical representation.
(Part of MS and Master of Professional Studies in Data Analytics, Master of Engineering Management, Master of Software Engineering, Master of Information Science, and Data Analytics Graduate Certificate curricula) 


SYSEN 505 - Technical Project Management
Monday, October 23 | Room TBA

Instructor: Joanna DeFranco

This course delves into analysis and construction of project plans for the development of complex engineering products taken from a variety of problem domains.
(Part of MS and Master of Professional Studies in Data Analytics, Master of Information Science, and Master of Software Engineering curricula)


MBADM 820 - Financial Management
Wednesday, November 1 | Room TBA

(Instructor: Daniel Indro)

This course is an intensive examination of techniques available to aid the financial manager in decision making. It is designed to provide the principles and tools of sound financial decision-making involving cash flows over time under uncertainty. The course is also a basis and prerequisite for other graduate courses in finance and business. The topics covered include time value of money, valuation of bonds and stocks, capital budgeting, risk and return, valuation of a firm, capital markets and financing, international finance, and options.
(Part of Master of Professional Accounting and MBA curricula)


IB 800 - International Business Management
Thursday, November 16 | Main Building, Room 224

(Instructor: Richard Shimizu)

In this course we will explore the opportunities, issues and strategies multinational companies manage as they develop their international business. The course will strike a balance between "academic theory" and "commercial practice" through the use of readings and case study classroom discussion.
(Part of MBA, Human Resource Management, and Quantitative Business Essentials Graduate Certificate curricula)