Penn State Great Valley adds Risk Management Certificate

MALVERN, Pa. — Penn State Great Valley will launch a new Risk Management Certificate this spring. This program is designed to assist project managers, risk leader and team members identify potential risks, develop mitigation strategies and ensure that projects are completed successfully.

Students will take a deep dive in understanding risk, the role risk plays and responsibilities that come into play for those mitigating risk in their organizations. The subject-matter expert faculty will outline the fundamental principles of risk management, effective communication strategies for conveying risk information to stakeholders and an understanding of how risk management integrates with other project management processes, including planning, execution, controlling and monitoring.

Beginning May 7, this certificate program will be delivered remotely over a 10-week period. Other topics it will address include: risk identification, stakeholder management, change management, compliance, cultivating a risk-aware culture and continuous improvement.

“We all know that risk plays a critical role in project management, transcending industries and significantly impacting project success,” said risk management instructor Veronica Alario. “The Penn State Great Valley risk certificate offers invaluable insights and strategies for project managers, risk leaders and team members to delve deeper into understanding and developing robust mitigation strategies to address project challenges. Students who complete the certification will acquire practical risk tools and techniques tailored to their specific project environment. They also will learn how to demonstrate their knowledge and skills by influencing others in the organization to become more risk aware.”

Ed Weckerly, director of professional programs and corporate engagement, added: “More and more adult learners are looking for more timely and flexible programs. We created this certificate program with those needs in mind.”

Penn State is a Project Management Institute (PMI) Authorized Training Partner (A.T.P.) committed to enhancing the ongoing professional development of both current and future PMI Members, PMI-certified Project Management Professionals (PMP), and other project management stakeholders.

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