Professional Development General Information

Professional Development General Information


Download the General Student Information Sheet.

Class Location
Check the monitor in the building's lobby for your course room location.

Emergency Closings
If inclement weather is forecasted, call 610-648-3399 or check Weather and Emergency Closing Information.  A Penn State Great Valley closing also applies to off-site locations. Note that your instructor may elect to cancel class due to weather issues even though the campus is officially open. You will be notified via email if that is the case. In all cases, students are advised to check their email prior to traveling to class.

If class will not be held due to instructor illness or other unforeseen emergency, you will be notified by email. Check your email before leaving for class. If you do not have access to email during the regular business hours, contact the Professional Development Office with an alternative notification method.

Professional Development Office hours are:  Monday – Thursday, 8:00 a.m.–6:15 p.m., and Friday, 8:00 a.m.–4:30 p.m.

Free, accessible parking is available on campus.


Canvas Course Management Tool
Most continuing professional education (CPE) courses utilize the Penn State University Course Management Tool (Canvas), which enables students to electronically view assignments, access team journals, receive group mail, participate in discussion forums, etc. You will receive instruction on using this tool during your first class.  If you do not remember your User ID or password, or have any other issues with logging into the Canvas group, please contact the Outreach Non-Credit Registration Office at 814-867-4973 or

The continuing professional education unit is a nationally recognized unit of measure used to accumulate a standardized permanent record of an individual’s participation in noncredit continuing professional education programs conducted under responsible sponsorship, capable direction, and qualified instruction. Units are awarded based on a standard of one (1) unit per ten (10) hours of instructional contact.

Class Size
A maximum class size is established for all courses. Class size is determined by the facility resources. Register early to ensure a seat, and call the Professional Development Office if you want to register for a class that is "closed". You will be notified if a seat becomes available.

Computer User Accounts - Technology Students Only
All registered continuing professional education students enrolled in technology courses will be issued a short-term computer Access Account, which will expire when the course ends. This account consists of a user ID and password, which enables technology students to use lab and classroom computers. Access Accounts are necessary to provide security for both the student and the University and are different from the PSU ID. An account will be issued to each registered technology student at the first session of the course.

Course Cancellation
The University reserves the right to cancel classes because of insufficient enrollment or other unforeseen circumstances. Full refunds will be given in these instances. In such an event, you will be notified prior to the beginning of class either by telephone, mail, or email. It is important we have up-to-date addresses and phone numbers to contact you.

Course Substitutions
You may substitute a higher level course for a required course if you are already competent in an area. Contact the Professional Development Office for pre-approval. A maximum of two courses may be substituted in a certificate program.

An official grade report will be mailed to you within three weeks after classes end. Grade letters are not issued for pass/fail courses. Contact the Professional Development Office if your employer requires a grade letter for a pass/fail course. Please be aware that it is against University policy to release grades by telephone, fax, or email.

Certificate Programs: If a course is not listed as a “required” course, it is NOT applicable toward a certificate. Please check with the Professional Development Office if you have any questions about prerequisites.

Individual Courses: You must complete all prerequisites required in the course description before taking a course. You may meet requirements either through course work or work experience. Instructors can evaluate work experience. Contact the Professional Development Office if you have a question. Please review our withdrawal/refund policy. No accommodations will be made if you attempt to take courses without complying with prerequisite requirements.

Program Certificates
Students who have successfully completed all required program courses will receive a program certificate. Program certificates will be sent to the student name and address in our University system. It is your responsibility to advise the Registration Office of any changes in your contact information.

The social security number (SSN) you provide when you first enroll in any Penn State University (PSU) program will be used by the University to verify your identity for official record keeping and reporting. If you choose not to supply your SSN, certain services, such as transcripts, enrollment verification, etc., may not be available to you and Penn State cannot guarantee a complete academic record for you.

Your SSN will be stored in a central system and only used for official reporting and record keeping. It will not be used as a primary source to identify you within the Penn State system. The University will assign you a PSU ID (a 9-digit number beginning with the number 9), which will be on your registration confirmation and be utilized as the primary identifier for you. It is your responsibility to retain this number and safeguard its confidentiality. The PSU ID will be requested in most Penn State transactions to identify you. It is important that you use this same PSU ID each time you enroll in a University course to assure your course work is documented on a single transcript. If you do not remember your PSU ID, please call the Outreach Non-credit Office at 814-867-4973. 

Students can find information about required textbooks for their upcoming class by going to the Penn State Great Valley bookstore webpage, and supplying the required semester/course information under "Textbooks/Find Textbooks".

Official transcripts must be ordered from University Park with a Transcript Request. Penn State Great Valley administrators are not allowed to request a transcript on your behalf.

Unexpected Class Cancellation
Unexpected class cancellations will be announced via email. Please make sure the email you provide when you register is one you have access to during regular business hours. If you do not have access to email during business hours, please make arrangements with the Professional Development Office and your instructor for alternative means of notification.


Professional Development courses are payable upon registration. Courses may be paid for by check, money order, American Express, Discover, MasterCard or Visa, or may be billed to an employer with an accompanying Letter of Authorization. Make checks payable to: The Pennsylvania State University. Online registration is available for those paying with a credit card.  NOTE: When using corporate cards, "education" purchases must be allowed by the card. Also, some cards require an approval code that cannot be accepted by our system. In both these circumstances, the cardholder needs to contact their card-issuing bank to remove these controls.  Find out more about registration options and the withdrawal/refund policy.

Employer Billing
Employer billing is for students whose employer will pay for their course(s). A letter of authorization must accompany your completed Registration Form. The letter must be on employer letterhead referencing the student, course title, and course fee. It must be signed by the person responsible for payment and include the complete billing address.

If you cannot attend a course, you may receive a full refund by notifying the Professional Development office at 610-648-3281 before the first night of the course. There are no refunds once the course has begun. Refunds will not be issued for classes missed as a result of illness, personal emergencies, or any other event beyond the University's control. No refunds will be made to students who attempt to take courses without complying with prerequisite requirements.