Corporate Alliance Professional Development Non-Credit Courses Tuition Reduction Form

Tuition Reduction Eligibility–Penn State Great Valley (PSGV) offers tuition reduction to currently employed full-time and part-time employees of its Corporate Alliance Program member companies. This tuition reduction will be applicable to all graduate programs and courses offered by Penn State Great Valley. Those students already receiving Penn State institutional scholarships or grants may not be eligible for the tuition reduction. This form must be completed and submitted to the Penn State Great Valley Bursar Office each semester that the student wishes to receive the reduction and must be received by PSGV prior to registering for the course.

Employee Status
Employment Verification and Educational Record Disclosure Agreement: By submission of this form I verify that I am currently employed by the company stated above. I understand that verification of my employment status must be submitted each semester that I enroll in courses with Penn State Great Valley by completion and submission of this tuition reduction form. I will notify the PSGV Bursar Office within 14 days of any change in my employment status, and understand if I fail to provide notification, that I will be required to reimburse PSGV for any tuition discount received after my change in employment status. I authorize PSGV to provide educational record information to my company benefit administrator for purposes of invoicing and reporting including but not limited to courses taken, courses dropped, and financial records.