Great Valley Faculty Research Showcase set for Nov. 12

Our increasingly competitive economy is forcing companies to re-think their value propositions and business models. Consumers want well-designed products that are cool and that express their values. Unfortunately, many companies are ill-equipped to deliver.

Making hip, functional and affordable products requires imaginative and highly skilled people. Companies struggle to find and develop their creative talent. Few recent graduates are prepared for the creative challenges posed by the new economy.

For those who can address this gap, the benefits are enormous: profitable companies, self-actualized and successful workers, and a stronger economy.

Eric W. Stein will present the highlights of two books he has written on ways to enhance individual creativity and to develop high power creative teams and organizations from noon to 1 p.m Wednesday, Nov. 12, in the Musser Auditorium of the Conference Center Building. Following a Q&A, Stein will be on hand to sign copies of his books. More information on the author can be found at

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Stein is associate professor of management science and information systems, and the former professor-in-charge of the New Ventures and Entrepreneurship program at Penn State Great Valley. Stein’s areas of research and expertise are knowledge management, business innovation, creativity, design and improvisation, business ethics, and sustainability. His works appears in numerous theoretical and applied research journals and books. He also has served the public as a councilman in Media, Pennsylvania, and is on the call list of the White House Office of Intergovernmental Affairs. Stein earned his doctorate in managerial science from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and a bachelor of arts degree in physics from Amherst College.