Professional Development Opportunity (PDO) Eligibility for Current Students

Professional Development Opportunity (PDO) Eligibility for Current Students


  • Beginning 2013 (summer session): All students enrolled in graduate courses can begin accumulating PDOs. Students will earn one (1) PDO for each course taken thereafter. 
  • Courses taken before summer 2013 do not earn PDOs.
  • Students must complete a graduate course and receive a grade of "C" or higher.
  • Only graduate courses offered by Penn State Great Valley earn PDOs. An online course that is required to complete a Penn State Great Valley residential graduate degree can also earn a PDO.
  • Each graduate course of three (3) credits earns one (1) PDO.
  • Students must be enrolled in a graduate certificate or degree program. This program does not apply to non-credit certification or continuing education programs.


  • PDOs can be used right away or accumulated to cover an entire certification program.
  • Students may register for an entire certification program ONLY when they have accumulated enough PDOs for the entire program, or they commit to pay for the balance of the program. 
  • Most non-credit courses require 2 PDOs, and workshops 1 PDO.
  • PDOs can be used only once.
  • Students have up to three (3) years after graduation to redeem their PDOs.
  • PDOs cover registration fees only—does not include books, materials, or any other class costs.
  • PDOs have no cash value and cannot be transferred or sold.


  • Not all professional development classes and workshops are offered every semester.
  • A schedule of eligible classes and workshops for the semester will be announced through email, on-campus postings, and designated online webpages. 
  • Registration deadlines will be set when classes are announced.