Xi Zhang

Xi Zhang headshot
Assistant Teaching Professor of Data Analytics, Engineering

Xi Zhang received her B.S. and M.S. in electrical engineering from Shandong University. She earned her Ph.D in physics from Stevens Institute of Technology. Dr. Zhang teaches data mining and foundations of predictive analytics. 

Selected Publications

Xi Zhang, Stefan Strauf, “Design and fabrication of triplet and quadruplet plasmonic nanostructure by holographic lithography”, Applied Physics Letters, 102(2013): 093110-1

Xi Zhang, Martin Theuring, Qiang Song, Weidong. Mao, Stefan Strauf, “Holographic control of motive shape of plasmonic nanogap array”, Nano Letters, 11(2011,): 2715-2719.

M. Begliarbekov, O. Sul, J. Santanello, N. Ai,  Xi Zhang, Stefan. Strauf, “Localized states and resultant band bending in grapheme antidote superlattices”, Nano Letters, 11(2011):1254-1258.

Xi Zhang, Xiangbing Sun, Quan Ren, “Third-order nonlinear optical properties of [(C2H5)4N][Co(dmit)2] using Z-scan technique”, Modern Physics Letters, 22(2008):191-198.

B.S., Electrical Engineering, Shandong University

M.S., Electrical Engineering, Shandong University

Ph.D., Physics, Stevens Institute of Technology