Sagnika Sen

Sagnika Sen headshot
Professor-in-Charge, Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Associate Professor of Management Information Systems, Management
Main Building, 200 L

Dr. Sagnika Sen is an associate professor of Information Systems and the professor in charge for the Master of Business Administration in the School of Graduate Professional Studies at The Pennsylvania State University. Dr. Sen received her Ph.D. from Arizona State University. Her research focuses on process performance, metrics and incentive design in organizations, mainly the design of effective decision making frameworks and the use of data-driven decision models to obtain analytical insights on processes and performance measures. She has published in top academic journals in the field of Information Systems such as Information Systems Research and Journal of Management Information Systems. Her work has also appeared in other prestigious academic outlets such as Decision Support Systems, Information and Management, Communications of the ACM, Human Resources Management, Service Sciences, Journal of Managerial Psychology etc. Dr. Sen teaches courses in Management Information Systems, Business Process Management, and Business Statistics.


Early Career Award for Research and Scholarship Excellence, Penn State Great Valley School of Graduate and Professional Programs, The Pennsylvania State University

Selected Publications

Merriman, Kimberly K., Sagnika Sen, Andrew Felo, and Barrie Litzky. “Employees and Sustainability: The Role of Incentives.” Journal of Managerial Psychology 31, no. 4 (2016): 820–36.

Deokar, Amit V., and Sagnika Sen. “Information Buried in Information Technology Service Contracts: Extracting Process-Performance Interrelationships.” INFORMS Service Sciences, 6(3), September 2014, pp. 161-178.

Raschke, Robyn L., and Sagnika Sen. “A Value-Based Approach to the Ex-Ante Evaluation of IT Enabled Business Process Improvement Projects.” Information and Management 50, no. 7 (2013): 446–56.

Sen, Sagnika, and T. S. Raghu. “Interdependencies in It Infrastructure Services: Analyzing Service Processes for Optimal Incentive Design.” Information Systems Research 24, no. 3 (2013): 822–41.

Merriman, Kimberly K., and Sagnika Sen. “Incenting Managers toward the Triple Bottom Line: An Agency and Social Norm Perspective.” Human Resource Management 51, no. 6 (2012): 851–71.

Demirkan, Haluk, Sagnika Sen, Michael Goul, and Jason Nichols. “Ensuring Reliability in B2B Services: Fault Tolerant Inter-Organizational Workflows.” Information Systems Frontiers 14, no. 3 (2012): 765–88.

Sen, Sagnika, T. S. Raghu, and Ajay Vinze. “Demand Information Sharing in Heterogeneous IT Services Environments.” Journal of Management Information Systems, 26(4), Spring 2010, pp. 287-316.

Sagnika Sen, T. S. Raghu, and Ajay Vinze, “Demand Heterogeneity in IT Infrastructure Services: Modeling and Evaluation of a Dynamic Approach to Defining Service Levels,” Information Systems Research 20, no. 2 (2009): 258–76.

Sen, Sagnika, Haluk Demirkan, and Michael Goul. “Dynamic Decision Support through Instantiation of UEML Representations.” Communications of the ACM, 2007.

Chen, Andrew N K, Sagnika Sen, and Benjamin B M Shao. “Strategies for Effective Web Services Adoption for Dynamic E-Businesses.” Decision Support Systems 42, no. 2 (2006): 789–809.

  • B.E., Bengal Engineering College
  • M.S., University of Texas at Arlington
  • Ph.D., Arizona State University