Marc Hanlan

(He, Him, His)

Marc Hanlan teaches in the Essentials of Strategic Leadership, Six Sigma Black Belt, and Workforce and Career Development programs. He is founding partner of LLMC Partners, a global consultancy. He has 45 years of organizational transformation experience in a wide variety of industries, markets, and organizations, including 12 years of executive global management. Dr. Hanlan is recognized as an expert in large-scale complex change, ranging from the 82,000-user U.S. Navy ERP to the operational transformation of thousands of field service workers at Exelon to the creation of self-managed factories at General Electric. He developed Transcendent Team and Beyond the Organization change technologies, supporting more than 255 implementations that dramatically improved revenue, profitability, and expanded creativity. The author of textbooks and general books on culture shift, leadership, and transformation, he has 22 years of experience teaching graduate school. Dr. Hanlan holds patents and a Master Black Belt in Lean Six Sigma.


  • Recognized by U.S. Navy for extraordinary Organizational Change Management, 2006
  • Distinguished Volunteer Service, 9-1-1 Committee design and support, Chester County Commissioners, 1997
  • Outstanding Leadership, Asst CubMaster, Boy Scouts of America, 1991

Editorial board memberships

  • Commission on Emergency Services, Organizational SME and member, Chester County Commissioners, 1997-9
  • Committee to Select Emergency Services Department Lead, Chair, Chester County Commissioners, 1998
  • Committee to Select Police Chief, Westtown East Goshen, PA, Process SME and member, 2015
  • Transcendent teams: The conditions and dynamics of how some teams/organizations achieve extraordinary results in all major metrics in breakthrough time
  • Structureless organizations: Study of those organizations that appear to have no visible or behavioral structure, yet achieve extraordinary results
  • Transactive leadership: The conditions and dynamics of how dynamic leadership is shared across team members consciously and unconsciously
  • Rapid culture shift transitions: The conditions and enabling processes of teams and virtual organizations achieve sustained culture shift in weeks and months

Selected Publications

  • Hanlan, M. (2004). High performance teams: How to make them work. Praeger Publishers. 41 citations.
  • Hanlan, M. (2021). Change Management for a change: Masters of Change, Volume I, Bookbaby.
  • Hanlan, M. (2020). Creating effortless change: Transactive Leadership in a constantly changing world. Bookbaby
  • Hanlan, M. (2017). Seven impossible things: The experience and dynamics of developing a Transcendent Team. Proquest.
  • Hanlan, M., & Anastasi, J. (2021). "Identifying critical life experiences that can mold our values and beliefs, define our cultural identity, and divide or unite our society". Society for Applied Anthropology, 80th international conference, Norfolk, VA.
  • Hanlan M. (2019). "Do we need the binary (of fear) to change?" Fielding Graduate University, National Session.
  • Hanlan, M. & Cloutier, C. (2018). "A healthy and distributively just organization is a sustainable organization. What is healthy Distributive Justice?" Fielding Graduate University, National Session
  • Hanlan, M. (2015). "Finding magic in the 21st century: Using symbols and ceremony to build care and community in Nerdsville." Society for Applied Anthropology, 75th International Conference.
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  • Hanlan, M. & Casner, B. (1981). "Microprocessor-based control systems on the farmstead." American Society of Agricultural Engineers international conference.
  • Ph.D., Organizational Development and Change, Fielding Graduate University. Dissertation: "Seven Impossible Things: The Experience and Dynamics of Developing a Transcendent Team"
  • M.A., Human and Organizational Systems, Fielding Graduate University
  • B.Sc., Physics and Astronomy, Beloit College