Kailasam Satyamurthy

Assistant Professor, Engineering
Main Building, 220 F

Kailasam Satyamurthy earned his Ph.D. in engineering mechanics from Clemson University and MBA from Penn State. Dr. Satyamurthy teaches decision and risk analysis, finance and economics for engineers, Statistics, Quality and continuous improvement courses. Before joining Penn State, he was a senior manager at Vanguard for eight years and head of engineering at GenCorp for 20 years. At GenCorp, Dr. Satyamurthy did extensive research in mathematical modeling and developed methodologies and algorithms for the nonlinear finite element analysis mechanical systems under mechanical and thermal loadings. He is also a Six Sigma master black belt and has trained numerous professionals in manufacturing, transactional, and healthcare industries.


  • 2004 Vanguard Award for Excellence
  • 1991 GenCorp Technology Achievement Award
  • Super Challenge Ohio Award

Selected Publications

Mani, Neel K., and Kailasam Satyamurthy, "Simulation of Low Torque Bushings in Automobile Suspensions." SAE Technical Paper Series, 1995. doi:10.4271/951279.

Richmond, Sally, Kailasam Satyamurthy, and Joanna DeFranco. "Exploring the Value of Peer Assessment." 2016 ASEE Annual Conference & Exposition Proceedings. doi:10.18260/p.26872.

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Chen, J.s., K. Satyamurthy, and L.R. Hirschfelt. "Consistent Finite Element Procedures for Nonlinear Rubber Elasticity with a Higher Order Strain Energy Function." Computers & Structures 50, no. 6 (1994): 715-27. doi:10.1016/0045-7949(94)90307-7.

Satyamurthy, K., and L. R. Hirschfelt. "An Axisymmetric Finite Element and Its Use to Examine the Effects of Construction Variables on Radial Tires." Tire Science and Technology 15, no. 2 (1987): 97-122. doi:10.2346/1.2148787.

Ridha, R. A., K. Satyamurthy, and L. R. Hirschfelt. "Finite Element Modeling of a Homogeneous Pneumatic Tire Subjected To Footprint Loadings." Tire Science and Technology 13, no. 2 (1985): 91-110. doi:10.2346/1.2150990.

Ridha, R. A., K. Satyamurthy, L. R. Hirschfelt, and R. E. Holle. "Contact Loading of a Rubber Disk." Tire Science and Technology 13, no. 1 (1985): 3-15. doi:10.2346/1.2150986.

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Satyamurthy, K., J. P. Singh, D. P. H. Hasselman, and M. P. Kamat. "Effect of Spatially Varying Thermal Conductivity on the Magnitude of Thermal Stress in Brittle Ceramics Subjected to Convective Heating." Journal of the American Ceramic Society 63, no. 7-8 (1980): 363-67. doi:10.1111/j.1151-2916.1980.tb10193.x.

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  • MBA, Penn State University
  • Ph.D., Engineering Mechanics, Clemson University