David W. Russell

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Professor Emeritus of Engineering, Engineering
Conference Center, 2nd Floor

David W. Russell retired in 2017 as professor emeritus of engineering after 32 years at Penn State Great Valley. During his tenure, he taught 101 sections of 22 different courses and authored over 140 technical publications, while lecturing worldwide. He served as senior division head for 14 years, devising and launching three new graduate programs. Russell received an honors degree in electrical engineering from the University of Liverpool. He earned his PhD from the Council for National Academic Awards in London for a program of research that involved collaboration with multiple institutions. Prior to Great Valley, he taught at Villanova University, Howard University, and John Moores University, and held various technical executive roles. He’s spent the past 50 years publishing in applied real-time artificial intelligence, factory information systems, and cloud computing. Russell is an active Fellow of the Institute of Mechanical Engineers, the regional editor for the Americas for the International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, and a chartered engineer in the UK.

Selected Publications

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B.Eng. (hons), Electrical Engineering, Liverpool University.
Senior Thesis: “Nuclear Fusion. “ A study in the design of stellarator-type fusion reactors.

Ph.D., Intelligent Control Systems. Council for National Academic Awards, London. In collaboration with Liverpool Polytechnic, The Victoria University of Manchester, Imperial College, London, and The United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority, Risley, UK.
Thesis: “Advanced Analysis of Nuclear Reactors with Fluidic Control Systems.” Design and construction of an intelligent computer for optimal control of an experimental fast nuclear reactor with digital fluid fuel channels.