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Ashkan Negahban earned his Ph.D. and M.E. from Auburn University and a B.S. from University of Tehran (all in Industrial and Systems Engineering). Prior to joining Penn State, he was an instructor at Auburn University where he taught courses in Simulation Modeling & Analysis and Probability & Statistics. His research interests include the application of different types of simulation (discrete event, agent-based, and Monte Carlo) in manufacturing system design and operation and marketing-operations management interface. He has also developed several video-based e-learning series which have received world-wide publicity and are used by faculty from leading institutions around the world.


2014 ACM Special Interest Group on Simulation and Modeling (SIGSIM) Award.

2014 Outstanding Doctoral Fellow Award, Auburn University.


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B.S., Industrial and Systems Engineering, University of Tehran

M.E., Industrial and Systems Engineering, Auburn University

Ph.D., Industrial and Systems Engineering, Auburn University