Need-Based Scholarship Application for Enrolled Students

Scholarship Application

This application is for need-based scholarships for students in Penn State Great Valley residential programs. In addition to completing this form, applicants must also submit a FAFSA and indicate Penn State (code 003329) as the institution to receive the results.

Does your employer provide educational benefits as a direct payment to Penn State or as a reimbursement to you?
Special circumstances
All awarding communication will be sent to the student's Penn State email. Students must respond by the stated deadline or the scholarship will be offered to another student. Students may resubmit their application if they do not respond to a scholarship offer, but scholarships will only be offered again if funds are available. To be considered for a scholarship, applicants must submit both the correct academic year FAFSA and this application, officially accept an offer of admission to a Penn State Great Valley resident instruction master’s degree program, and enroll in and complete two or more courses per semester. If half-time enrollment (two courses per semester) is not viable in one semester, students may request scholarship consideration by providing an explanation of enrollment intentions for the upcoming spring, summer, and fall semesters via email to [email protected]