Faculty Travel Request Form

This form is required to be completed prior to travel.

Actual travel costs should not exceed 20% of estimated expenses.

All receipts for travel expenses and pertinent information regarding the trip (time left and returned) should be submitted within two weeks of returning from the trip.

Credit card statements are not considered a receipt.

Any expenses submitted after 60 days from the date of travel cannot be submitted for reimbursement, as per University policy.

Penn State travelers can make air reservations through the following options:

Priced itineraries are always required as receipts for airfare. Each administrative area may have internal procedures affecting travel arrangement and reimbursement. Before booking travel, please ensure you follow established guidelines and procedures in your area as well as University Travel Polices.

Questions? Please review the PSU Travel Policy.

Do any of the dates above include personal travel?

Proposed Budget

Mileage: Number of miles x reimbursement rate

Lodging: Number of nights x cost per night*

*Based on hotel rates. If OCOUNUS travel (Alaska, Hawaii, U.S. Territories, and Possessions and International Travel), use OCOUNUS Per Diem Rates-Lodging based your travel location.

Meals: Number of days x meal cost per day (based on your location)*

*CONUS Per Diem Rates (continental United States); OCOUNUS Per Diem M & IE Rates (Alaska, Hawaii, U.S. Territories, and Possessions and International Travel)