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Taking breaks is important. Step away from your daily routine, spend some time with Penn State Great Valley's free educational events, and learn something new from experts. The NoonTimeU webinar series covers an array of topics to help with your personal and professional development.

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The Future of Work: A Model for a Post-Pandemic Workplace

Considering some workplace dynamics have changed temporarily and others have changed forever, what will work look like going forward?
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DEI: Moving Past the Buzzword to Implementation

Many organizations and businesses have sought to create or amplify their Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion practices. But is it that simple?
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Flourishing Under Fire: Thriving in Times of Loss, Stress, and Uncertainty

Anne Archer, of Anne Archer Associates Ltd., will explore the continuum from surviving to thriving, analyzing each stage. Participants will learn about reducing stress and how to flourish and thrive.
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Culture as a Competitive Advantage

Many organizations search, interview, and hire candidates who align with company values that define the culture. Successful alignment with company culture ensures success for current and future employees.
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The Art of Storytelling

Storytelling is used in negotiation, sales, marketing, and much more. This webinar will cover how to tell a story, break down the elements of an effective story, and apply storytelling in our everyday lives.
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Embracing Critical Conversations

Using examples successfully implemented in the classroom, this webinar will cover how break down organizational silos, lead effective and cohesive teams, and be prepared for a more dynamic workplace environment.
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Harnessing the Mamba Mentality

Designed around the philosophy of former NBA superstar Kobe Bryant, this conversation focuses on an analysis of the Mamba Mentality and its application beyond the realm of basketball and sports.
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