Campus Directory

Title Email Address Role Office Location Phone Number
Veronica Alario
Adjunct Instructor, Continuing Professional Education
Robert H. Arakelian [email protected]
Adjunct Instructor, Engineering
Youakim Badr [email protected]
Professor of Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence, Engineering
Professor-in-Charge, Artificial Intelligence (World Campus)
Main Building, 220 L2 610-648-3310
Denise Balawejder [email protected]
Business Operations Coordinator, Finance & Business Services
Adrian Barb [email protected]
Professor-in-Charge, Data Analytics
Associate Professor of Information Science, Engineering
Main Building, 220 J 610-725-5349
Phillip Bellizzi [email protected]
Library Services Staff, Library
Michele L. Bogdon [email protected] 610-648-3343
Suzanne Broman [email protected]
Instructional Designer, Instructional Services
Carole Brush [email protected] 610-648-3347
John C. Cameron [email protected]
Associate Instructional Professor of Management and Organization, Management
Main Building, 200 P 610-725-5370
Karen Carli [email protected]
Associate Director, Career Management Services, Enrollment Management and Student Services
Jeffrey Carstens [email protected]
Adjunct Instructor, Continuing Professional Education
Vincent Carter [email protected]
Adjunct Instructor, Continuing Professional Education
Wen-Peng Chio [email protected]
Network/AV Support Specialist, Information Technology Services
Michelle Chobor [email protected]
Assistant Director of Recruitment, Enrollment Management and Student Services
Susan Cook Sjostrom [email protected]
Administrative Support Assistant, Academic Affairs
Leo Daiuto [email protected]
Director Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Great Valley Launchbox, Business Development, Corporate Engagement, and Conference Services
Mohamad Darayi [email protected]
Assistant Professor of Systems Engineering, Engineering
Main Building, 220 D 610-648-3356
Nora Day [email protected]
Regional Human Resources Consultant, Human Resources
Joanna F. DeFranco [email protected]
Associate Professor of Software Engineering, Engineering
Associate Director, Doctor of Engineering in Engineering Program (World Campus)
Main Building, 220 E 610-648-9957