Curriculum and Schedule

Curriculum and Schedule

The Penn State Great Valley MBA program consists of 45 credits. Based on previous undergraduate or graduate coursework, students may receive an exemption for up to 15 credits of foundation course work, as well as the pre-program requirement.

Three open electives enable students to customize their program to meet their particular career interests, or earn a graduate certificate.

Courses are offered in seven-week sessions. Classes meet two evenings per week in a face-to-face format or in a blended format with an online component. There are six seven-week sessions each academic year.

Students may begin at the start of any session and can expect to complete their degree in 2-3 years going part-time, or 12-18 months if going full-time. 

Students admitted fall 2009 or after must successfully complete the SARI (Scholarship and Research Integrity) requirement of the Penn State degree in order to graduate.

Detailed course information can be found on the Schedule of Courses or contact


(Preparatory course to be taken if required for admission)
Course Current Offering Future Offering
BUSAD 501 Statistical Analysis for Managerial Decision Making** SP I SU I

FOUNDATIONS (18 credits)

Course Current Offering Future Offering
MGMT 501 Behavioral Science in Business
(complete prior to taking other foundations courses)
ACCTG 511 Financial and Managerial Accounting SP II SU I
BUSAD 523 Prices and Markets SP II GV/BK & NY  
FIN 531 Financial Management SP I SU II
OPMGT 510 Operations Management SP II SU I
MKTG 500 Marketing Management SP I SU I GV/BK/NY


Organizational and Industrial Contexts: Choose one (3 credits)

Current Offering Future Offering
BUSAD 511 New Ventures I   SU II
BUSAD 530 Biotechnology and Health Industry Overview    
BUSAD 558 Knowledge Management    
BUSAD 578 Managing Business Processes    
BUSAD 802 Cornerstones of Sustainability    
LEAD 562 Strategic Leadership   SU II
MGMT 541 Human Resource Management SP II  
FIN 508 Analysis of Financial Markets    
Interpersonal Dynamics: Choose one (3 credits) Current Offering Future Offering
BUSAD 545 Negotiation Strategies SP I NY SU II GV/BK
BUSAD 555 Full Range Leadership SP II GV/BK  
BUSAD 556 Diversity Leadership SP I GV/BK SU I (LEAD 556)
MGMT 523 Organizational Change    
LEAD 561 Dynamic Communication in Leadership Contexts    
Global: Choose one (3 credits) Current Offering Future Offering
BUSAD 542 Global Intercultural Management SP II  
FIN 505 Multinational Managerial Finance SP I  
I B 500 International Business Management   SU II NY
MKTG 518 Global Marketing    
MNGMT 897 Global Immersion: London    
Managing Technology: Choose one (3 credits) Current Offering Future Offering
BUSAD 537 Management Information Systems


BUSAD 577 Management of Information Technology    
BUSAD 575 Developing Technology Ventures    
BUSAD 835 Commercialization of Biopharmaceuticals    
Ethics: Choose one (3 credits) Current Offering Future Offering
BUSAD 534 Ethical Dimensions of Management in the Biotechnology and Health Industry SP II  
BUSAD 551 Business, Ethics, and Society SP II BK SU II
BUSAD 576 Ethical Issues in Information Technology    
OPEN ELECTIVES*: Choose three (9 credits) Current Offering Future Offering
ACCTG 512 Financial Accounting Theory and Reporting Problems    
BUSAD 522 New Ventures II   SU I GV/BK
BUSAD 525 Quantitative Methods in Finance    
BUSAD 526 Current Issues in Corporate Finance (Modeling)    
BUSAD 527 Fixed Income Securities SP II  
BUSAD 528 Mergers and Acquisitions   SU I
BUSAD 582 Social Entrepreneurship and Community Leadership SP II  
FIN 506 Portfolio Theory    
FIN 513 Speculative Markets    
LEAD 501 Leadership Across the Life Span SP I  
LEAD 557 Leadership Models and Methods   SU I
MGMT 573 Corporate Innovative Strategies SP I  
MNGMT 897 Global Immersion: London    
PHIL 597 Ethical Dimensions of Leadership SP I  

INTEGRATION (3 credits)
Course Current Offering Future Offering
MGMT 571 Strategic Management SP I GV/BK & SP II SU I

Requirement Current Offering Future Offering
Completion of SARI requirements Fall and Spring Only Fall and Spring Only

BK = Berks Campus
NY = Navy Yard

Download: MBA Plan of Study

*Open electives may be selected from the full array of courses offered by the Management Division with the exception of the pre-program and foundation courses from which the student has been granted exemption. (Certain courses offered by other programs may also be approved if applicable to the students program.) Controlled courses may require Division approval before enrolling; contact your adviser or if you have questions about specific courses.

**Students may be exempted from BUSAD 501 if they demonstrate successful completion of a Statistical Analysis course at the undergraduate or graduate level. For more information contact the Program Manager at or call 610-648-3248.

Note: The University reserves the right to cancel/change courses owing to insufficient enrollment or other unforeseen circumstances. Please note GV/BK (Great Valley Campus/Berks Campus) courses are delivered in part via Video Learning Network. Please note: Courses meeting one day a week should expect to have course commitments through course end date.