Upcoming Workshops

Upcoming Workshops


Penn State Great Valley offers a variety of single and multi-day workshops for professionals to enhance their skills in specific areas.

Our fall workshops are currently in development, but please check back for future offerings.

Past workshops include:

Technical Writing — helps participants learn how to write more clearly, be concise, and avoid common pitfalls.
Managing Across Generations  — examines the generation gaps in the workplace and provides solutions for managing relationships and creating an engaging and positive environment.
Leveraging Diversity for Performance — explores how to use a range of employees’ experiences and backgrounds to achieve an organization’s goals.
Navigating Your Job Search — provides tricks and tips to help professionals tackle interviews and career changes.
Meeting the Ethical Challenges of Leadership — reviews participants’ leadership roles and discusses how roles and behavior influence the overall culture of an organization.
Effective Business Communication — assists experienced and inexperienced supervisors to communicate clearly in both verbal and written formats.
Content Marketing and Analytics — delves into content marketing, analytics, technology, as well as tools and techniques to drive customer engagement and ROI.
Project Management — touches on necessary practices such as initiation, planning, scheduling, and cost management that span a variety of fields.

Our workshops are taught by industry experts and Penn State Great Valley faculty. All workshops are PDO-eligible.