Outside Scholarship Opportunities

Outside Scholarship Opportunities

Individual Student Scholarship Search

In addition to reviewing scholarship opportunities listed here, students may wish to conduct an individual search tailored to your specific background and career goals. Most scholarship search tools allow users to employ filters to create a personalized list of possible awards. Scholarship search engines include:

Scholarships of Interest to Great Valley Students

American Fellowships
Sponsor: American Association of University Women (AAUW) Educational Foundation
Description: Career Development Grants support women who hold a bachelor’s degree and are preparing to advance their careers, change careers, or re-enter the work force. Special consideration given to women pursuing advanced degrees or credentials in nontraditional fields.
Deadline: November 15
Amount: $2,000–$12,000
Website: AAUW

Berkman Charitable Foundation Scholarship (Harold and Muriel Berkman Scholarship)
Sponsor: Harold & Muriel Berkman Charitable Foundation, Inc.
Description: The Foundation will award scholarships to worthy students pursuing a graduate or undergraduate degree in marketing and to graduate or undergraduate students who are U.S. military veterans, especially those who hold a Combat Infantry Badge, received a Purple Heart, or suffered serious combat injury (veterans do not need to be majoring in marketing or business). Application is available on Foundation website.
Application Deadline: August 29, 2017
Amount: Up to fifty $1,000 scholarships
Website: Berkman Foundation

Bond-Hill Scholarships (Horace Mann Bond - Leslie Pinckney Hill Scholarship Program)
Sponsor: The State of Pennsylvania
Description: Provides financial assistance to highly qualified graduates of Cheyney University and Lincoln University who wish to pursue graduate degrees at Temple University, The University of Pittsburgh, or Penn State University.
Application Deadline: Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis.
Amount: Varies
Website: Bond Hill Scholarship

Bufton Scholarship (Stephen Bufton Memorial Scholarship)
Sponsor: The Stephen Bufton Memorial Educational Fund
Description: For women pursuing advanced degrees in information systems and other disciplines.
Application Deadline: May 15
Amount: $5,000–$10,000
Website: Bufton Scholarship

Carmen E. Turner Graduate Scholarship
Sponsor: Women’s Transportation Seminar (WTS) Philadelphia Chapter
Description: This scholarship is open to women only. Applicants must be enrolled in a graduate program in a transportation-related field, such as transportation engineering, planning, finance or logistics and have a GPA of 3.0 or higher. 
Application Deadline: October 14, 2017
Amount: Varies
Website: Carmen E. Turner Graduate Scholarship

Center for Cyber Safety and Education Scholarship for Graduate Students
Sponsor: The Center for Cyber Safety and Education
Description: Must be pursuing a degree with a focus on information security/cybersecurity or information assurance.
Deadline: May 4
Amount: Up to $5,000
Website: Cyber Safety and Education Scholarship

The Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute Scholarship
Sponsor: NBMBAA corporate and educational partners and members
Description: Provides support to Latino students in the United States who are involved in community service activities and who demonstrate a desire to continue their involvement.
Deadline: April 16
Amount: $5,000
Website: Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute Scholarship

Cornaro Scholarship for Graduate Studies
Sponsor: National Catholic College
Description: One-time award for graduate studies for members of Kappa Gamma Pi, the National Catholic College Graduate Honor Society.
Application Deadline: April
Amount: $5,000
Website: Cornaro Scholarship

The Educational Foundation for Women in Accounting Graduate Scholarship                                                                                                
Sponsor: The Laurels Fund
Description: Awards offered to female students pursuing advanced degrees in accounting, based on scholarship, service, and financial need.
Application Deadline: May 15
Amount: $1,000–$5,000
Website: Educational Foundation for Women in Accounting

Freund International Scholarship (Richard A. Freund International Scholarship)
Sponsor: The American Society for Quality
Description: For students studying applied sciences, engineering-related technologies, business/consumer services, engineering/technology, or mathematics.
Application Deadline: April 1 annually
Amount: $5,000
Website: Freund International Scholarship

G.I. Bill Educational Benefits
Sponsor: U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
Description: Educational benefits are available to many veterans who served on or after September 11, 2001. Eligibility is based on cumulative service and includes allocations for tuition, books, and living expenses.
Amount: Varies by veteran
Website: G.I. Bill Educational Benefits

The Google Anita Borg Memorial Scholarship
Anita Borg Scholarship Committee
Description: To encourage women to excel in computing and technology and become active role models and leaders in the field.
Application Deadline: December
Amount: $10,000
Website: Anita Borg Memorial Scholarship

The Google SVA Scholarship for Veteran Students
Google Student Veterans of America
Description: Scholarships awarded to student veterans pursuing a degree in the field of computer science.
Deadline: November
Amount: $10,000
Website: SVA Scholarship

Government Finance Professional Development Scholarship
Daniel B. Goldberg Scholarship
The Girard Miller Foundation
Description: Scholarships for part-time or full-time graduate students in public administration, finance, or business administration.
Deadline: February 10
Amount: $14,000
Website: Daniel B. Goldberg Scholarship

GVFHRA Scholarship
Sponsor: Greater Valley Forge Human Resource Association
Description: Open to graduate students currently enrolled in an MBA or MS program with a concentration in Human Resources, Organizational Management, or Industrial Relations.
Application Deadline: October annually
Amount: $3,500
Website: GVFHA Scholarship

Healthcare Leadership Scholarship
Sponsor: HealthGrad.com
Description: Awards offered to students pursuing degrees related to healthcare, including graduate level programs such as the Health Sector Management Graduate Certificate.
Application Deadline: Biannually on May 1 and November 1
Amount: $2,000
Website: Healthcare Leadership Scholarship

Hispanic Scholarship Fund for students in Finance and Accounting
Hispanic Scholarship Fund
Description: Designed to assist students of Hispanic heritage obtain a college degree.
Deadline: April
Amount:  $500–$5,000
Website: Hispanic Scholarship Fund

Korean American Scholarship Foundation
 Korean American Scholarship Foundation
Description: Scholarships offered to qualified Korean American students enrolled in a full-time program.
Deadline: July
Amount: $500–$5,000
Website: Korean American Scholarship Foundation

Market.biz Scholarship
Sponsor: Market.biz Research Service
Description: Created to assist young people in achieving their ambitions by hosting a blogging scholarship competition.
Application Deadline: Biannually on October 30 and June 30
Amount: $1,000 winner, $500 runner-up
Website: Market.biz Scholarship

MBA Insight Scholarship
Sponsor: MBA Insight
Description: Open to all MBA students and those planning on enrolling within 12 months.
Application Deadline: September 1
Amount: $500
Website: MBA Insight Scholarship

Metzler Scholarship (The Richard Metzler Scholarship)
Sponsor: The Foundation for Excellence in Management Consulting (FEMC)
Description: The candidate must demonstrate academic distinction through leadership, academic excellence, and citizenship.
Application Deadline: January 22
Amount: $5,000
Website: Metzler Scholarship

MHI Scholarship
Sponsor: The Material Handling Education Foundation
Description: Graduate students can be considered for this scholarship if they are studying full time in engineering technology, management, computer engineering, computer science, or business administration with an emphasis in supply chain management, production management, industrial distribution, or logistics.
Application Deadline: February annually
Amount: $1,500–$9,000
Website: Material Handing Education Foundation

NSA Mathematics and Computer Science Scholarship
Sponsor: National Security Agency
Description: Open to students currently enrolled and pursuing a degree (including master's degrees) in computer science, mathematics, or computer engineering.
Application Deadline: September 30
Amount: $500
Website: NSA Scholarship

RapidSeedbox Scholarship for Computer Engineering Students
Sponsor: Rapidseedbox.com
Description: Merit-based scholarship offered twice a year for students pursuing their passions in networking, cybersecurity, computer software, machine intelligence, computer graphics, or artificial intelligence. Students much have a 3.0 GPA and be a citizen of the United States, Canada, or Australia.
Application Deadline: June 30/November 30
Amount: $1,000
Website: RadpidSeedbox Scholarship

Reilly Memorial Scholarship for Graduate Students (Henry J. Reilly Memorial Scholarship)
Sponsor: Reserve Officers Association (ROA) of the United States
Description: For active or associate ROA members enrolled in graduate programs.
Application Deadline: April 10
Amount: Averages $500
Website: Henry J. Reilly Memorial Scholarship

Roberts/Brock Scholarships
Elliott C. Roberts Scholarship
Cathy L. Brock Memorial Scholarship
Sponsor: Institute for Diversity in Health Management  
Description: For graduate students pursuing degrees in healthcare administration or a comparable degree program (i.e., MBA). Candidates for this scholarship must have proof of U.S. citizenship.
Application Deadline: October 1
Amount: $1,000
Website: Roberts/Brock Scholarships

SMART Scholarship
The Department of Defense
Description: The SMART Scholarship-for-Services offers scholarships to undergraduate, masters, and doctoral students who have demonstrated ability and special aptitude for excelling in STEM fields.
Deadline: December 1 annually
Amount: $25,000–$38,000
Website: SMART Scholarship

Sylvia Alston Graduate Scholarship
Sponsor: Women’s Transportation Seminar (WTS) Philadelphia Chapter
Description: This scholarship is open to women only. Applicants must be enrolled in a graduate program in a transportation-related field, such as transportation engineering, planning, finance or logistics and have a GPA of 3.0 or higher.
Application Deadline: October 14, 2017
Amount: Varies
Website: Sylvia Alston Graduate Scholarship

Veterans United Foundation
Veterans United Foundation
Description: For active military members, veterans, spouses of military members, and children of military members currently pursuing a post-secondary degree.
Deadline: April
Amount: $10,000
Website: Veterans United Foundation

Working Your Way Through College Scholarship Program
Sponsor: Jobapplicationsonline.com
Description: Intended to help students currently working their way through college.
Application Deadline: August
Amount: $1,000
Website: Working Your Way Through College Scholarship

Xerox Minority Scholarship
Description: Provides funding to minority students enrolled in a technical science or engineering discipline.
Deadline: September 30
Amount: $1,000–$10,000
Website: Xerox Minority Scholarship