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Katz Law building in dark

Re-Imagining Energy: The Built Environment

Almost 40 percent of the energy we use goes to heat, cool, light, and power appliances in the buildings where we live and work. Penn State is a global leader in making its buildings more energy efficient through green design and sustainable construction practices. Part four of a five-part series.
wind turbines and power lines over a field

Re-Imagining Energy: Pulling It All Together

Because solar and wind power generators depend on time of day and the weather, we need ways to combine power sources and storage systems to assure reliable service. We also need to integrate new technologies with the existing power grid. Part five of a five-part series.
Penn State at The Navy Yard professional development students

Noncredit programs at the Navy Yard sharpen workforce, cultivate technical skill

Employees at the Navy Yard are sharpening their technical and interpersonal skills to become more influential leaders, communicators, and workers — right in their own backyard.