Supply Chain Management Certificate Program

Supply Chain Management Certificate Program

Supply chain management is a fundamental component in any service industry, technology group, health care sector, office environment, or manufacturing business. Even with its widespread use, it’s critical that organizations run their supply chain effectively and efficiently to be successful.

Program Overview

Our three-course certificate will familiarize students with the Supply Chain Operations Reference (SCOR) model — a standard tool to plan, source, make, deliver, return, and enable business activities — through classroom instruction and hands-on, real-world applications. Participants will gain a holistic introduction to supply chain and understand the concepts that interrelate manufacturers, markets, suppliers, warehouses, retailers, and customers, all while creating net value and avoiding risk.

Program Scope and Sequence

The supply chain management program consists of three, required 21-hour courses offered in succession. Upon completion, a certificate will be awarded.

Participants who do not want to take the entire sequence are welcome to take course(s) that interest them pending prerequisite knowledge.

The certificate is also offered at Penn State at The Navy Yard.

Who Should Attend

The certificate program is designed for current or aspiring supply chain professionals who are looking to familiarize themselves with supply chain standards and terminology, fine-tune their negotiation strategies, and learn new skills to increase their value and potential. Anyone who manages or works with outside suppliers or vendors will also benefit.

Program Objectives

Upon completion of the program, students will:

  • Know the key concepts and terminology
  • Be able to define and apply the SCOR model
  • Outline processes and tools to manage warehousing, distribution, and transportation
  • Describe the alignment of supply chain practices and priorities to overall goals and objectives
  • Deliver a value proposition that aligns with corporate mission and values
  • Determine a total cost of ownership
  • Understand purchasing, distribution, inventory management, and vendor management
  • Know how to impact non-inventory engagements
  • Develop and execute a sound negotiation strategy

Continuing Education Units

Continuing Education Units (CEUs) are awarded based on a standard of one unit per ten (10) hours of classroom contact.

Note: The University reserves the right to cancel courses due to insufficient enrollment or other unforeseen circumstances

Customized Programs

Companies and organizations can have this program conducted at Penn State Great Valley or elsewhere. Program content can be customized to meet the needs of the company. Call 610-648-3281 for information.