'Becoming an Authentic Leader: The Cold Hard Truth'


Over the ages, the topic of authenticity has intrigued philosophers, writers, theologians, psychologists, ethicists and even business executives. While it has been referred to as “the gold standard for leadership,” work on the topic of leader authenticity has come under fire for lacking a realistic conceptual and evidence-based foundation.

In "Becoming an Authentic Leader: The Cold Hard Truth," Penn State Great Valley faculty Denise Potosky, professor of management and organization, and John J. Sosik, distinguished professor of management and organization, examine leaders’ relationships with the truth and present a new evidence-based model of leader authenticity and its implications for organizational training. The webinar focuses on five key areas: What “authentic” means, the elements of authentic leadership, pitfalls of the authentic leadership literature and consulting practices, the pinwheel model of leader authenticity, and actionable tactics to develop your leader authenticity.

Potosky is an international scholar and expert on selection and assessment, intercultural management, and leading change, having published numerous book chapters, proceedings and academic journal articles. She has presented papers, led seminars, and facilitated workshops at over 100 academic conferences, professional associations, and a variety of public and private organizations in the U.S. and Europe. She has provided editorial board service to two well-respected human resource management academic journals, and served as a trainer, analyst, and consultant for corporate and not-for-profit organizations.

Sosik, the professor-in-charge of the Master of Leadership Development program at Penn State Great Valley, is an award-winning internationally known expert on leadership and character development, having published over 100 books, book chapters, proceedings, and academic articles; made almost 100 academic conference presentations; provided editorial board member service to five well-respected leadership and organizational behavior academic journals; and served as a trainer and consultant for a wide range of corporate, not-for-profit and military organizations.

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