Procrastinating on your term paper? Distracted by the demands of work? Kids? Spouse? Dog? All of the above?

Join our campus librarian and writing coach for a distraction-free evening where you can focus on your term paper. We’ll provide a hot meal, writing assistance, and individual and group workspaces.

The Write-Ins will take place in the Knowledge Commons.


Penn State Great Valley's Writing Center offers five workshops available to currently enrolled students.

  • Digging in the Database: Research Skills in Review
    Brush up your research skills and refine your keyword search results. Hosted by Penn State Great Valley Head Librarian Billie Walker.
  • APA: A Primer
    Many courses at Penn State Great Valley require use of American Psychological Association (APA) editorial style.This short workshop introduces APA style guidelines and formatting rules.
  • Writing in Graduate School: Back to Basics
    From developing essays, to using source material, to understanding the sometimes mysterious conventions of academic discourse, this workshop offers participants tools to become competent graduate-level writers and scholars.
  • Clear, Coherent, Concise: Strategies for Writing with Style
    A readable writing style depends less on talent and more on careful crafting of sentences. This workshop presents four sentence-writing techniques to transform weak, wordy writing that stumbles into precise, powerful prose that flows.
  • Presentation Design and Delivery 
    This workshop will present simple strategies for developing and delivering oral presentations that inform, engage, and persuade.

All events take place from 5:00 until 5:55 p.m. Registration is free and pizza is provided. For more information, contact Writing Coach Erica Vinskie at