MBA at The Navy Yard in Philadelphia

MBA at The Navy Yard in Philadelphia

Penn State Great Valley is pleased to offer its AACSB-accredited MBA program at The Navy Yard in Philadelphia.

Designed for working professionals, the curriculum incorporates both theoretical background and practical experience through experiential learning and community engagement to prepare students to succeed in a competitive global marketplace.

Rather than a full 14-week semester, courses are offered in seven-week terms to allow students to concentrate on one course at a time.

Program highlights:

  • Lock-step, cohort model develops personal connections among students and faculty
  • 7 week courses offered in a blended format
  • Degree completion in under three years
  • Opportunity to participate in global immersion open elective
  • Scholarship opportunities for current and new students
  • Career management services available at Great Valley campus
  • Convenient location with free parking
  • In-state tuition for all MBA courses taught at The Navy Yard regardless of state residence

How to Apply for Admission

Professionals interested in applying to the MBA program offered at The Navy Yard should submit an online graduate admission application and pay the application fee (waived if attended an Open House or personal appointment with an Academic Program Manager).

Because the program is offered as a cohort, there is limited seating available. Students will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.

Typical Plan of Study for the MBA at The Navy Yard

For a list of current courses offered at The Navy Yard, please review the Curriculum and Schedule page.

Typical Plan of Study for the MBA at The Navy Yard
Year Term Course
1 Fall I MGMT 501 Behavioral Science in Business
1 Fall II ACCTG 511 Financial and Managerial Accounting
1 Spring I Interpersonal Dynamics course such as MGMT 523 Organizational Change or BUSAD 556 Diversity Leadership*
BUSAD 501 Statistical Analysis for Managerial Decision Making (if required — online)
1 Spring II MKTG 500 Marketing Management or other Foundation course
1 Summer I BUSAD 523 Prices and Markets or other Foundation course
1 Summer II Ethics course such as BUSAD 551 Business, Ethics and Society*
2 Fall I FIN 531 Financial Management or other Foundation course
2 Fall II OPMGT 510 Operations Management or other Foundation course
2 Spring I Organizational and Industry Context course such as BUSAD 511 New Ventures I or BUSAD 802 Cornerstones of Sustainability*
2 Spring II Global course such as BUSAD 542 Global Intercultural Management or IB 500 International Business*
2 Summer I Managing Technology course such as BUSAD 537 Management Information Systems*
2 Summer II Open Elective – TBD*
3 Fall I Open Elective – TBD*
3 Fall II Open Elective – TBD*
3 Spring I BUSAD 571 Strategic Management
3 Spring II Interpersonal Dynamics/Open Elective catch-up course (for those taking BUSAD 501 in spring of year 1)

* Final selection of course offered will depend upon availability of faculty, interests of students in the cohort, and adaptability of courses to the blended format required for this program.